SCR is proud to offer a complete set of service & maintenance items for your car.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, we do specialize in European marques like Audi, BMW, MINI, Porsche and Volkswagen. When you entrust your European car to us, you know that your car is being worked on by an expert who sees dozens of them every week, not a tech who figures “all cars are pretty much the same”.

As with our performance products, we also extend our expertise to many other vehicles, not just our European core. We see substantial numbers of Subaru/WRX/STi, Mitsubishi EVO, Lotus, DSM, Mustang, and most other sports/performance coupes and sedans. We are finding that our customers like our service so much, that they bring the rest of their cars and trucks to us as well.

Whatever you have that needs maintenance, we will keep it on the road for you in top running condition.

Please use the selections below to get more information on our offerings.

Oil Services + Checkups

SCR Performance offers routine maintenance and checkup service for your vehicle, performed at the time of routine oil changes. Give us your vehicle with the peace of mind that you won’t be added to the legions of motorists who have a horror story courtesy of their local “grease monkey”. In additional to conscientiously servicing your car, we will inspect it for any upcoming or latent issues to prevent any problems before they start.

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Wheel/Tire Services

Our wheel and tire machines are the best mounting and balancing equipment you can buy. These new machines are the best available on the market today, to make sure we can mount your low-profile tires without harm to your wheels. Composite heads on the tire mounting machine mean that we will never scratch a wheel – even hard-to-mount sizes common on European cars. Our tire balancing equipment can detect faulty wheels, faulty tires, and can correct for these if necessary.

We believe the peace of mind you’ll get from knowing that your wheels will be mounted on the best equipment available, by somebody who cares, is the most important feeling we can offer.

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Vehicle Alignments

SCR Performance is extremely proud of our best-in-class laser alignment tools. We offer in-house, 4-wheel laser alignments for street, sport, and race applications.

Laser alignment machines offer unrivaled accuracy, which translates to better handling and improved tire wear over the life of your vehicle. Complement your new wheel and tire package with a four-wheel alignment from SCR.

For lowered street cars and race cars, we have special ramps to make sure your car will get on and off our rack without any difficulties or damage – which is not something that can be said for all shops!

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Fault Code Checking / VAG COM Services + Diagnostics

Modern automobiles are amazingly complex vehicles. The latest Audis have over 25 separate processors in them to maintain vehicle functions. Fortunately, we have the electronic tools to scan, clear, and set data in your car. This includes the VAG-COM tool for VW/Audi/Porsche/Lamborghini vehicles, and an advanced Snap-ON OBDII scanner for advanced diagnostics.

SCR will pull codes for you if you want to check on the source of a MIL/CEL (check engine light), and we provide diagnostic services in addition to our repair services.

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Vehicle Prepurchase Exams

For a modest charge, SCR can examine a vehicle before you buy it to make sure there are no hidden issues. We will pull any fault codes, inspect the vehicle on our rack, check its alignment, and provide you with a printed report of everything we find.

Just because a dealer may have marked a vehicle as “Certified” doesn’t mean there can’t be some significant issues with the car – some of the most damaged vehicles we’ve ever inspected were “Certified Pre-Owned” Audis and BMW’s. If you’re buying from a private seller, then there are even more possibilities for unknowns.

Don’t find out you’ve made a mistake until it’s too late, let us present you with what we find. At best, we can tell you that the car you’ve brought us should be a great buy!

We can fit these exams in almost any time during the day, but please contact us first if you are planning on bringing us a car to inspect.

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Brake System Checkups and Maintenance

While extremely effective, modern brake systems still need attention. The sporty capabilities of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles in particular are hard on brake disks and pads.

Brake fluid should be flushed at least once every two years, and we diagnose any braking system issues you may be experiencing, even something as simple as a brake light resulting from low brake fluid levels.

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Timing Belts & Related Engine Service

While a timing belt provides quieter operation than the timing chains used on other engine designs, it must also be replaced more frequently. With Colorado’s wide range of hot and cool temperatures, timing belts require replacement more often than the 75 or 90,000 mile intervals – we recommend no later than every 60,000 miles, especially as the consequences of a broken belt are very expensive.

While a timing belt is being replaced, we recommend replacement of several nearby items while the car is in ‘service mode’, such as replacement of the tensioner, accessory belts, and water pump.

Prices vary per vehicle, please call or e-mail us for details.

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Transmission Flushes

Modern automatic transmissions such as the TipTronic and StepTronic CVT’s are extremely precise machinery. We have a full transmission flush machine, not just a ‘drain it and refill it’ transmission service you will get at most shops. This ensures fresh fluid that is the lifeblood of your transmission.

We service many VW, Audi, and Porsche gearboxes every month, and we know which ones require special fluids. Are you sure the other guys have the right fluid for your European car?

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EFI System Service

For older and higher mileage Euros, even the reliable parts of your fuel injection system can wear and start to fail. We can check and replace all fuel filters, fuel pressure regulators, pulse dampers, and fuel pumps. If a good cleaning is all your injectors need, we can send them off for servicing at reputable injector servicing establishments.

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Shock Absorber and Bushing Replacement

Shock absorbers are only good for about 80,000 miles, even on the smoothest roads. Here in Colorado, they wear even more rapidly, resulting in poor ride, bottoming, and “wallowy” handling. We can replace your worn dampers with new units, or suggest aftermarket replacements in accordance with your desires.

A particular achilles heel of the Audis are worn control arm bushings and tie rod ends, which begin to make the car feel a bit “loose” on the front end, often after as little as 40,000 miles. We keep bushing and tie-rod kits on our shelves and can have you in and out in the same day, with a precision alignment afterwards on our alignment rack.

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Wheel Repair

If you have damaged a wheel, SCR has a service contract with a wheel repair facility, and we can more than likely have your wheels repaired for far less than the cost of a replacement wheel.

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General Post-Warranty Repair & Service

For anything else we haven’t specifically called out above, we can help you. If you have a newer vehicle just coming off of warranty, or an older vehicle in need of some attention, we would love to show you how we like to do business, and why our customers keep coming back.

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