Just as older generations had the Mustang and the Camaro, today’s generation has the Mitsubishi EVO as the darling of the performance aftermarket. For SCR Performance it is no different – in fact, one of our techs competes in SCCA Street Modified in a highly developed EVO. We are experts in the EVO’s older siblings as well, the DSM’s from the 90’s – Eclipse, Talon, Laser, 3000GT and Stealth. Our service manager competes in SCCA Rallycross in a Eagle Talon, claiming several national championships places.

We are very familiar with all the major turbo Mitsubishi vehicles from the last couple of decades. Our shop manager has a decade of experience working on everything from the old Starion’s, DSM’s, Galant VR-4’s, 3000GT’s, and all generations of the Evolution. Whether you have a vintage Galant VR-4 or a brand new EVO X we have the experience to help you fix, maintain, or just plain build a monster. SCR is your one stop shop as we can offer parts, installation, and setup all in house. We have experience tuning these vehicles through a variety of methods including the Apexi S-AFC, Open Source, and standalone installation and tuning. We offer road tuning services as well as full load bearing dyno tuning on a Dyno Dynamics unit.