After finally answering the cries of enthusiasts in the USA, Subaru has come to the fore as another favorite of the aftermarket, as these attainable, high-performing rally cars for the road have finally arrived. Among the cars our techs own are two high performance Subarus, including some very nicely modified Forester XT’s. We can definitely handle what you’re looking for with your Scooby.

Our technicians have years of Subaru experience ranging from engine overhauls to full STi and WRX engine swaps into the venerable GC chassis. SCR Performance is equipped to take any Subaru to the next level, be it mild performance upgrades, to built motors, and even the popular rotated turbo setups. We offer full tuning services for Open Source, Cobb AP, and any standalone ECU upgrade you may have.

Perhaps the best qualification we can make of ourselves is that we are the only Crawford Performance approved dealer in Colorado.