From something as simple as race alignments and corner balancing, to full arrive-and-drive, driver instruction programs, SCR Performance and help you improve your racing results. Far from “I heard…” type of advice, everything we offer is firsthand experience from our own racing endeavors. Our advice comes from having tried – and occasionally failed! – solutions to the issues you may have with your car, or with your driving.

Our motorsports offerings are presented here roughly in order of SCR’s involvement, and therefore approximate cost of the program.

Race Alignments

What works for the street does not work for the racetrack, and vice versa. We have the experience to know the difference. Many establishments will not do custom alignments beyond factory specs. SCR has the experience to get your car to where it needs to be for maximum grip, responsiveness, and stability. Once we have your car aligned, we will save your preferences in our machine for next time.

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Corner Weighting

For cars with adjustable suspensions, such as our KW Variant coilover system, we can use our corner balancing scales to achieve even cornerweights, crossweights and ride heights for your car. As with our custom alignments, we will save your settings for next time, to make future cornerweights a roll-on, roll-off experience.

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Pre-Race Tech Inspections

SCR Performance is licensed for SCCA PDX/Club Trials tech inspections. We perform this service at our shop, BEFORE race day, so we can correct any issues that might exist on your car.

While race-day tech inspections are a cursory look at a few key safety items on your car, SCR will do a thorough evaluation of your vehicle to make sure that it is not only safe, but that it will be capable of finishing an event without damage. Often, what is “good enough” for the street is woefully inadequate, if not dangerous, for the race track.

Let us help you make sure that your car leaves the event in the same shape it arrived.

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Setup Consultation

The best parts in the world can cause nothing but problems if they aren’t set up properly. Need advice on what ride heights to run? Do you need more bump or rebound to control that turn-in oversteer problem you have? What do I do in the rain? What changes should I make to run at La Junta versus Hastings versus Road America?

Let SCR guide you in these decisions, as we’ve answered each one of these questions before for our own race cars – let our experience guide you. Consults can be as simple as a scheduled phone call, all the way to trackside feedback from your car.

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Race Car Preparation

For those that already own a race car, we can help you with its ongoing care, if you lack the time or skills for doing all projects on your own. We can do basic post-race set-down maintenance, such as oil changes, nut-and-bolt checks, and damage repair, and everything in between. Contact us to discuss your race car prep needs, and we can design a schedule for you.

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Driver Coaching + Instruction

Driver coaches are becoming increasingly common, even at the top levels of motorsport, and it is easy to see why. Even the best athletes in sports all around the world have coaches to help them stay at the top of their game. SCR Performance has many years of volunteer instruction, at SCCA Solo, BMW Club solo, BMW Club road race, and PDX/Time Tirals venues. We draw from this experience to offer our professional coaching services, for when you want to take the next step and improve your driving.

At its peak, we combine data aquistion with Traqmate dataloggers, and optionally in-car video, followed by post-session discussion, to help you find extra time on the race track or autocross course. We will ride with you in-car during autocross runs or track day sessions, and even drive your car for comparison data, if you wish.

Contact us to schedule driver coaching at upcoming events, as our coaching schedule is extremely full.

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Trackside Support

SCR can help you with at-the-track duties during the day, even down to simple tasks such as tire changing, keeping your race car fueled, up to any repairs that need to be done during the race weekend. If you need a crew member to man the radios, perform tire checks, and other trackside tasks, we can do that, too.

Customers of our trackside support program are given access to our shade awnings, refreshments, and air conditioned motorhome during the event weekend.

Contact us to discuss assistance you’d like during track weekends this year.

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Race Car Rentals

We currently have two race cars available for rent, depending on driver experience and capability.

Our 318is race car is an excellent novice race car, with excellent drivability, low power, traditional RWD layout, and lots of grip. It teaches the fundamentals of proper race driving, without a lot of horsepower to save you from mistakes, or to get you in high-speed trouble. The 318 is available for SCCA Solo EP, PDX/Time Trials/Track days, and E-Prepared club racing competition.

For advanced drivers, our Audi A4R race car is available for the upcoming season. This car is a completely prepped, 400hp rocket, and is an extreme, awesome, adrenaline-inducing driving experience. Nothing short of a full-blown single-seater offers a more exciting drive. Driver history and CV will be required to rent the A4R, which is eligible for SCCA ITE club racing, and NASA GTS4 competition.

Also available are a 2005 Mini Cooper S for Time Trials and Club Racing, and a Radical Prosport for Time Trials and club racing.

Contact us if you are interested in renting one of our race cars. Not all race weekends are available, and refundable damage deposits are required.

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Arrive-And-Drive Programs

Don’t have the time to maintain a race car and prepare it for an event? Perhaps an arrive-and-drive program is for you. Racing on an arrive-and-drive program is as simple as showing up to the venue. We have arrive-and-drives available for all skill levels, from novice to expert.

Arrive-And-Drive combines our race car prep, trackside support, driver coaching, and race car rental services into one package. SCR Performance will take care of the vehicle preparation, towing to the event, and any assistance during the event, including driver coaching.

If you are renting one of our race cars, your rental fee is included in the arrive-and-drive charge. Further, if you have a race car but lack the time to prepare it, hand SCR the keys, and we’ll have you out on track.

All you have to do is to remember your helmet!

Contact us to discuss options for an arrive-and-drive program.

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