The world of motorsports is one that is incredibly competitive and fast-paced. If you’re new to the racing scene, you might be wondering what types of performance racing are out there, and in today’s blog, we’ll review three types of performance motorsports sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).

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Road Racing

In the road racing division of the SCCA motorsports, skilled drivers compete against each other for the fastest run on either a dedicated race track or a temporary street track. This may be done individually in the Club Race Experience or as teams in the Bracket Enduro. In order to participate, drivers must have obtained either a regional or national racing license. From modified production cars like Audi, BMW, and Mitsubishi to highly customized formula cars, all are welcome in the competition, and there are four different levels of races offered.

Time Trials

This type of performance racing is unique in that drivers strictly race against themselves and the clock. There is no wheel-to-wheel competition as there is with road racing, however, there are four different types of time trials sanctioned by SCCA for drivers to experience: Performance Driving Experience (PDX), hill climbs, club trials and track trials. PDX is the ideal starting point for drivers to receive classroom and on-track instruction to develop and improve upon the skills that are needed for the higher levels.


A clever combination of road racing and time trials, autocross events are both fun and competitive for racing enthusiasts. While this type of motorsport is not known for fast speeds or wheel-to-wheel racing, it is a very fast-paced and competitive. Many competitive drivers begin at the autocross level because the requirements to qualify for entry are minimal and there are six different autocross levels of competition, allowing individuals to start off slow and develop their competitive skills over time.

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