Whether you’re new to the world of performance cars or it has been a while since you purchased a new one, there are a lot of factors to consider as you begin shopping around for your new vehicle. From performance car parts to routine service and maintenance, SCR Performance in Loveland is here to meet all of your performance driving needs, and today, we’ll review three important things to keep in mind as you begin test driving various models. Read on to learn more!

Weight and Size Matter

Performance vehicles come in all different varieties, and which make and model you buy will depend on what kind of performance driving you plan on doing. If you plan on competing in autocross, a light sporty coupe might be best. However, if you need impressive power off the starting line, a beefy muscle car might suit your needs better. Carefully weighing your performance needs against the vehicle specs is essential for optimal performance.

Acceleration vs. Fun

In addition to the size and weight of the car, you’ll also need to determine whether you’re better off with front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive. Here, the choice largely depends on what is more important to you: quicker, more powerful acceleration or drifting and smoking tires. If you are looking for improved control and better handling, all-wheel drive is the ticket. However, if you are more into honing your car control skills, rear wheel drive will put you to the test.

Performance Parts and Service

When first venturing into the world of performance cars and motorsports, many new drivers experience a level of sticker shock when it comes time to upgrade components like suspension, wheels, and tires. However, when you consider the increased use and abuse these parts will take, strength and durability are essential, and the extra expense is well worth it. Likewise, a routine oil change for a specialty performance car is likely to set you back a bit more than your old Toyota Corolla did.

Performance Car Parts in Loveland

Need an EFI tune or street alignment to optimize your street performance? Maybe you’re interested in better suspension or other performance car parts for your Audi, Lotus, or Porsche? Rest assured we have all of your performance driving needs covered. Call SCR Performance at 970-203-1127 today or schedule your appointment online now!