Whether you have a high-quality professional race car or you are tuning an everyday street car to be more competitive at autocross events, there are a few performance upgrades that are critical to shaving seconds off your best time and keeping you safe. From performance brakes and race springs to high-performance tires and lightweight race seats, we have all of your performance driving needs covered. We can help you with the five motorsports upgrades below, and so much more!

Five Motorsports Essentials

Adjustable Sway Bar

Having a high-quality anti-roll bar is crucial to handling hairpin turns and cornering like a pro. This race essential connects the right and left suspension to prevent your car from leaning and it distributes the weight of your car more evenly among the tires. Having a race-quality sway bar is key to faster times, and an adjustable one lets you fiddle with the settings until you find the one that works best for your needs.

Performance Brakes

While fast times are central to performance driving, stopping your car quickly and safely is just as important. Performance brakes and pads are specifically designed to withstand the high forces of repetitive starts and stops, and they are made from higher quality materials than standard brakes. Stainless steel brake lines, for example, are much more responsive than rubber ones.

High-Quality Suspension

When you are in the middle of a run, you don’t want your tires losing contact with the road. A good set of shock absorbers and stiff, low race springs ensure that your tires remain firmly on the ground when you encounter those inevitable bumps. With race-quality suspension components, you will feel more in control of your car, and it will feel more stable when you start testing its limits.

High-Performance Tires

One of the biggest mistakes that novice drivers make is tuning their car to the hilt without investing in a good set of race tires. Every aspect of your driving experience relies on your tires, from the moment you hit the gas until the second you hit the brake. Engine and suspension modifications will only take you so far without high-performance tires, and our techs can help you find the right type for your performance needs.

Race Seats and Harnesses

The type of seats and harnesses you have in your vehicle can greatly affect your race skills. Lightweight, high-quality race seats ensure that your body has the support it needs when you accelerate, turn, and brake. A five-point racing harness keeps you securely planted in your seat and protects you from ejection in the event of an accident.

Car Tuning, Performance Brakes, and More

At SCR Performance in Loveland, we provide service and precision tuning that help drivers along the Front Range have the competitive edge they need to succeed in all motorsports. If you’d like to take your vehicle to the next level, contact us to schedule an appointment with our skilled mechanics. We look forward to hearing from you!