There’s nothing like the exhilaration and sense of accomplishment that comes from winning a performance driving event. Although competitive drivers might make it look easy, there are many components that go into being a successful performance driver. As the leading performance car shop in Loveland, the team here at SCR Performance knows a thing or two about what it takes to make this dream a reality, and in today’s post, we will review a few essential components for a successful competitive driving career. Read on to learn more and then contact us today to schedule your maintenance or service appointment.

Five Essentials for Successful Performance Driving

The Right Performance Car

It might seem like a no-brainer, but choosing the right vehicle is critical to your motorsports endeavors. There are many types of competitive driving, and those who are serious about entering events like road races, time trials, and autocross events must carefully tune their vehicle and select performance parts accordingly. Vehicle balance is key, and cars that have the right power-to-weight ratio perform best. Race suspension and alignment is also critical to lowering the vehicle’s rotating mass.

Performance Driving Skills

Having a powerful and fast car is one thing, but having the skills to drive it safely and efficiently is quite another. Depending on how much horsepower your vehicle has, vehicle control can prove difficult to master if you haven’t been schooled in the basics of performance driving. Before you consider racing wheel-to-wheel with other competitive drivers, it is wise to enroll in a performance driving instruction course. Doing so will allow you to get familiar with the nuances of how your vehicle handles, as well as teach you the skills necessary to keep yourself and other drivers safe.

A Trustworthy Performance Car Shop

Most competitive drivers take great pride in maintaining and servicing their own vehicle, and many of them are even knowledgeable enough to install their own performance parts. Some parts can be more dangerous than others to install, such as high-performance suspension springs. Because of this, there are some tasks that are better left to a professional who has the right equipment for the job. Having close relationships with local performance car shops, like SCR Performance, will be integral to your success as a competitive driver.

Safety Gear

With the right car and the right skills, you are well on your way to becoming a successful performance driver. However, don’t make the mistake of getting on the track without wearing the proper safety gear. While some drivers feel like safety equipment restricts their movements, driving safety should not be taken lightly. There can be significant forces involved when you are taking corners at high speeds; wearing a head and neck support (HANS) device will reduce the risk of head and neck injuries. High-quality gloves, shoes, and a fire-retardant driving suit are other pieces of essential safety gear that every performance driver should have.


It is no secret that competitive racing can be a pricey endeavor. Racing vehicles and their high-performance suspension, brakes, and other parts can set you back a significant amount, as can the required safety gear. In the absence of financial assistance, it can be difficult to outfit your vehicle to make it as competitive and possible. So, what is a driver to do? In the world of performance racing, it is essential to put yourself out there and inquire with performance car shops and parts manufacturers about the potential for a sponsorship. While it may be outside of your comfort zone, there is nothing quite like the pride that comes with having professional sponsorships and it could help you with the expense of performance car parts and service.

Performance Car Shop Loveland

Competitive driving can be incredibly rewarding for motorsport enthusiasts. Whether you are a novice driver who is interested in learning more about how to get your performance driving skills up to par, or you are a seasoned pro who is looking to upgrade your vehicle’s high-performance parts, the experts at SCR have your needs covered. We offer maintenance, service, and parts installations on many makes and models of vehicles, including domestics and foreign imports, and our team is ready to help you take your passion for driving to the next level. Contact our performance car shop in Loveland today at 970-203-1127 to get started!